My name is Mike Mongo and I’m an astronaut teacher!

“My name is Mike Mongo and I am an astronaut teacher!”

Why I say this whenever I meet a new young person, or address a group of students, or present before a room full of scientists and researchers, the opportunity to inspire is met and owned. Being an astronaut teacher means that I have the opportunity to wake up minds to the possibilities life holds—including following your dreams to live work and play in space. We need more teachers who take it upon ourselves to point out a future that includes just about anything you can dream or imagine and go for: Dream it, see it, be it.

As I see it, the most important thing is how the future is explained to kids. When I was a kid no one explained to me clearly that I would be looking back at myself over the course of my life, thinking, “Good decision! Bad decision!” What we do now with our present is a gift to our selves in the future.

Space has become achievable. Space is a career path. Here at the head of the 21st century, kids and students have the opportunity to become of humankind’s space future. By 2025 when today’s middle school students are out of college, space industry will be hiring like dot-com’s in the 90’s. The best and the brightest can go anywhere and as far as they want to. Our job is to point that out to them.

Many of us have grown up in a world that has yet to get space exploration right. But the good news? We are getting there.

Mike Mongo, 2013

photo: Bill Cress
Starship Congress, Hilton Anatole, 2013


One thought on “My name is Mike Mongo and I’m an astronaut teacher!

  1. Mike Mongo 2013
    I think you are doing a great job of getting young people interested in Space Exploration now. I wish I had someone like you to take me
    an show me what you’re doing now. I hope that you can keep up this fine work that you’re
    an that other people would get involved. These young people are going to be are next exporers into Space Exploration and they need
    to get involved now. I would like to be kept informed of any new developments that you come across cuz I’m always interested in Space that is my passion. Thank you Ralph

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