Talyah, age 10, sees Apollo moon walk for the first time in 2014

So last week this happened. Interviewing 10-year Talyah in Key West (whom I have known and worked with since she was 5-or-6) I accidentally discovered she had never seen an astronaut walk on the moon. I wrote about it but it doesn’t capture the impact like the video. This is her face, play by play.

My favorite is while she is watching video of Col. Chris Hadfield and sees an object (microphone) float in zero-gravity in the space station for the first time.

There’s priceless and there’s priceless, and then there is this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

BTW—If you think kids knowing about space is important, I have an Astronaut Instruction Manual for Pre-Teens being crowdfunded over at Inkshares. Thanks! Here’s the direct link: http://kidastronaut.com

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