Happy New Year, fellow Space Explorers!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year, fellow Space Explorers!

  1. Mike I think you need to meet my daughter, Alyssa Carson. Her website is NASABlueberry.com there you can see what she has accomplished already at only 12 years old. She is setting her dreams on going to Mars in 2033 and she also goes around and talks to kids to live their dreams. I got your info from a friend of a friend to you and it looks like you and her are on the same page except not only does she encourage kids but she is also one of the kids going to space. And as far as your question of should we as parents be sending our kids to space, of course I say yes. I support her dream of getting to Mars even I might not ever see her again when she goes. But it is her passion and dream and I’m not the one that is going to take that away from her. As I tell people I did not push her in to this space thing, she pulled me in.

  2. Bert, your daughter is more famous than you give her credit: I already know her name and reputation and website (as do who knows how many of my peers)! She made a considerable splash last year and her story got lots of shares/RTs on twitter. She is now one of those people whose career I keep an eye on (like Clyzzel Sampson). What are Alyssa’s plans for this year? Working with Icarus Interstellar, this year we are putting together a summer program for young students. Maybe Alyssa might be interested in being involved with it. You and Alyssa man feel free to email me at mmongo (at) icarusinterstellar.org. And keep up the good work! You sound like a great dad for a future astronaut to have!

    1. Alyssa would love to be involved, her summer is booked up though but maybe there is a way. This summer she is attending 4 different space camps in 4 weeks, then we go over to Europe for her to do a week of camp with the Euro Space Agency, then meet up with the Mars One guys, and tour Cambridge and International Space University where she will be attending college

      1. Bert, that’s awesome. Sounds like every kid’s dream summer come true. We are working on details at Icarus and picking out a university for an overnight space experience camp geared towards young students. Email and I’l give share details. In the meantime, GOOD WORK!

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