To a star that’s not too far (Icarus lives!)

Bomfy Icarus

To a star that’s not too far (Icarus lives!)
For Obousy Tziolas & Katz

All other groups with interstellar aspirations
step back from being the first to launch
much less to build
an actual interstellar mission.

All other organizations share “centauri dreams”
and imagine the glory
but fail to rise above dreaming.

That is not us. Let us be different.

It was people exactly like us who once thought,
“Let’s fly.”
And it became a vision.
being true to that vision,
they did fly.

We have a vision. Most people will say it is impossible or it’s too big or too grand.
But if our ancestors who pursued humans flying
had stopped because their dreams were too big or too impossible,
we would not be here today.

This future of ours, this one we occupy,
owes its existence to brave bold dreamers
who didn’t stop at dreaming.

When I look back in time, I will look back at this moment and not only say, “I was there.”
I will say, “That was me.”

We are in the right place. We are in the right time. Humankind’s destiny is in the stars.
Let us be the ones who get it right.
For the sake of all humankind,
and representing all of us on earth.

Let us be the ones who get it right.

Let us be the ones whose names inspire kids in the future
to pursue the next goal and the next grand adventure.

If we fail, let it be for absence of possibility
but not for lack of trying or failure to communicate.

And if we succeed at agreeing tomorrow,
if we somehow defy the odds and find mutual goals and new friends,
may this simple map lead us to our destination,

“To a star that’s not too far”

If we fail, it will be forgotten.
But if we succeed, it will be legend.

Bless us all and our endeavors together.

Mike Mongo
Key West, FL 2013 

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