Does a “mind” happen because each of our brains are a Quantum computer?

This article by Ervin Laszlo describes how scientists have begun to be able to describe the process occurring scientists call consciousness. What consciousness refers to is our mind.

Where does the mind happen? How does it happen from our having a brain? What is a mind?

To most of us, the mind is like our own personal world. There are exceptions and unique examples of human minds but for most of us our conscious mind is like an imaginary environment where unbelievably fantastic activities take place. (Our automatic functions such as breathing and heart beat are controlled by the brain’s limbic system but generally outside of the scope of our conscious mind.) For each of us, our mind is like our own personal activity space, work room, and creative center.

That is all quite amazing.

It’s amazing enough to safely say that scientists are only beginning to come up with language suitable to describe what is actually going on in the mind and how it is happening.

For this, an understanding of quantum computing is useful. Beyond being a metaphor or analogy for the phenomenon of mind, quantum computing is to say unusual/extra-physical reactions take place due to organizations at atomic and sub-atomic levels.

This means the weird stuff that happens when things are really, really small makes the interesting stuff happen at the ordinary physical level (ie reality).

There is a word to describe this relationship. It is entanglement.

And it is presently thought that one of the most interesting things that entanglement contributes to is that phenomenon we call our mind.

Think of it. Because your thinking of mind is the mind thinking, and that is precisely the phenomenon: Minds doing stuff.

Here’s another way of looking at it. For some reason in nature, when life happens and atoms form molecules into living brains made up of specific components and elaborate neural passageways, a mind manifests. That is, a mind happens.

It would be like building a great house in a very particular way that makes a person suddenly appear.

The human brain is the house. The mind is that person who appears seemingly out of nowhere. This is why studying how a mind appears is probably even more interesting than studying how a mind works. The idea of entanglement is that it is not just how the house is built but what it is made of that matters. Specifically, the process of making the materials it is made of.

Entanglement suggests that processes happening a nano level in the development of the matter which makes up the parts of a (human) brain are what lead to us having a human mind.


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