Tiny Transistors: Nano Transistor for Quantum Computers

Single atom transistor, the world's first nano transistor

A transistor is a little gate of electricity, that operates with electricity. It’s a small electric gate that controls larger flows of electricity. But not too large, and here’s why: The point of a transistor being a gate is to intelligently control the flow of electricity to make it do things we want at certain time. Like when we want to communicate in 1 and 0’s.

The smaller transistors have got, the faster we have been able to make things like processors. Processors are essentially packets of very tiny transistors.

How tiny? Well consider this. The first Intel processor in 1971 had just over 2,00 transistors.

Jump forward to 2010. Intel’s Xeon processor has 820,000,000 transistors. That’s somewhere between 2000 to 4000 transistors in the width of a human hair.

So imagine this. Imagine a nano transistor. Smaller allows for more powerful, right?

Exactly, so imagine a transistor that is one atom in size. Entire computers smarter than every computer in the world will be smaller than a grain of sand.

Impossible, right?

Wrong. Nano transistors are not only possible, they are now reality. This will enable quantum computers. Super-tiny computers capable of pretty much anything.

Within five years time, the world is going to different in ways we have only begun to imagine!


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