The future is in the details.

The word nano means “dwarf” in Greek. (“νᾶνος“)

Nano is a metric prefix also, referring to a factor of 10−9 or 0.000000001. Zeros-wise, its like a hundred million backwards.

In relation to technology, nano is the study and practice of controlling matter at the level of atom.

It’s like atomic construction with one small exception: Atoms are made of electrical charges and posses super-qualities with their own laws of physics. What happens at a nano level is pretty much indistinguishable from magic. Except its science. If you can wrap your head around that.

Manipulation of matter at an ordinary physical level has ground-level limitations. Manipulation of matter at an atomic level allow us to go pass through these limitations. The limitations of matter at an ordinary physical level give way at an atomic level. Nanotechnology, or nanotech, is like figuring out the moves necessary to pass beyond one particular level of a video game, a level which gives you access to extensive powers or abilities.

A molecule is one or more atoms. Because of all the unique qualities of a single atom, it is possible that one macromolecule—an especially large molecule—could be a supercomputer. This means tiny supermachines which can intelligently re-organize both information and matter.

Now imagine having really smart supercomputers and supermachines throughout your body at an atomic level. There are seven billion billion billion atoms in our body. Imagine if even a percentage of these atoms were smart, doing things like becoming hard (or flexible) on impact. Think Superman. Think Wonder Woman. That’s really what it means.

On a practical level, it means being able to go under water for very long periods of time. Perhaps hours. Perhaps days. It means instead of being limited to going underwater to a few hundred feet (without special equipment), being able to go down thousands of feet. It means being able to see in the dark. It even means being attack-proof.

And this also goes for space.

What more, this is not “science fiction”, it’s science fact. Nanotech allows human beings to live in space. It enables us individually to do so, and it enables us to have living spaces and living quarters made of materials which are necessary for us to be happy and healthy in space.

Nano is the present which enables the future. Nano is like the ignition of the future. It is the key that allows us passage off the planet.

So nano is clearly very important to humannaires!


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