Are you imagining the future?

“There is no try. There is do and do not.”

—Master Yoda

Every morning I wake up thinking about living off-planet. Sometimes I think about how it is going to have to be mighty sweet and sunny for me to leave Key West, Florida. Other times, I imagine that our personal spaceships can be the size of shopping malls—it’s space and there is plenty of room!

But still other times I get so excited thinking when when when.

And still other times my thinking is about the breakthroughs necessary for us to get out to space.

It’s funny, but really planet earth is a spaceship. Here it is in the middle of somewhere with us on it doing what we are doing.

Which is either having fun or working to get to space. At least, that’s how I look at it.

It’s a simple thing thinking about getting to live in space and imagining how to make it work but it is important.

Other people think of other things. But getting out to space is what the greatest minds of all time are thinking about right now. These are the thinkers who are going to get us there. That makes it important to think about what we want when we get there, and how we want the experience to be.

Life off-earth can be hard but it has to be good.

In order for it to be good for me that means plenty of sunlight. I can’t live in the dark. And it means lots of not-too low ceilings, soft corners and warm locations, because I’m tall and I bump my head or my knees and I prefer the warmth. So, plenty of headroom, not too many things to bump my shins, and lots of big, warm rooms.

And I am going to want gardens and parks. This is a lot to ask for. But that’s the point. Space is whatever you want it be. It is whatever I want it to be. It is however we want it to be. All of us. So it is important to think about it.

Of course, if I have some special suit made of Really Smart Materials—so smart they can keep us warm and healthy and safe and even radiant (we could be our own sun!)—then that changes everything! We wouldn’t even need an enclosed spaceship! How great would that be? Spaceships could be like big open houses, with patios and decks and balconies all over the place because out special suit made of Really Smart Materials makes out atmospheres for us. Really, the possibilities are endless…

…so I think about them. And since we are inventing how the future is right now I think it is important thing think about what can be and how things can be. So we are happy with what we get when we get there.

I like imagining the future. It is really imagining me.


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